Energizer Recharge Power plus : AAA - 4 Pack (700mAh)

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Get high performance rechargeable battery power where and when you need it, while saving money and time with innovative Energizer Recharge products, designed for today's power hungry devices. The Recharge Power Plus range of rechargeable batteries offer the best power/value solution as they can be recharged up to a 1000 times. Ideal multi-purpose battery.

Energizer Recharge Power Plus batteries:
Chemical system: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
World first: made with recycled batteries (4% total weight)
Convenient, value-for-money and better for the environment
Pre-charged and ready to use
Excellent charge retention: holds charge for up to 1 year
Excellent cycle life: re-use batteries up to 1000 times
Up to 5 years battery life (under typical usage patterns)
Good power performance in high-tech devices
Ideal for a wide range of devices such as wireless headphones, wireless keyboards and remote control toys

NiMH rechargeable AAA / NH12 / HR03
Rating: 700mAh
Nominal voltage: 1.2v
Size: 10.5mm diameter and 44.5mm height

4 Batteries on a card
6 Cards in a box
Sold per card

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