Energizer Recharge : 9V - 1 Pack

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Get high performance rechargeable battery power where and when you need it, while saving money and time with innovative Energizer Recharge products. This range of chargers and rechargeable batteries offer up to 4 times the performance of an ordinary alkaline battery in digital cameras.

Energizer Rechargeable batteries:
Chemical system: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Re-use batteries 100's of times
Economical power solution for high-tech devices
Ideal for toys and games, digital cameras and audio devices

NiMH rechargeable 9v / NH22
Rating: 175mAh
Nominal voltage: 8.4v
Size: 48.5mm height, 26.2mm width and 17.0mm depth

1 Battery on a card
6 Cards in a box
Sold per card

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