Energizer Power: AAA - 16 Pack

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Energizer Alkaline batteries delivery long lasting energy for your everyday devices.

The Power Alkaline range gives you the Energizer brand expertise at an affordable price. Reliable and lasting power for your basic energy needs.

Energizer Power Alkaline batteries have a great resistance to leakage.

Energizer Power Alkaline batteries are ideal for low drain devices such as blocks, radios, remote controls, smoke detectors and toys. For high drain devices consider Energizer Max Alkaline, Max Plus Alkaline and Ultimate Lithium.

1.5v Alkaline (single use) AAA / E92 / LR03
Size: 10.5mm diameter and 44.5mm height

Family pack. 16 Batteries in a pack
12 Packs in a box
Sold per pack

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