Energizer Max: C - 2 Pack

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Your family is filled with energy. Make sure your household batteries can keep up. Energizer MAX batteries deliver dependable, powerful performance that keeps going and going. Providing long life for the devices you use every day, from toys to CD players to flashlights. The latest generation of our popular alkaline batteries is exactly what you need. You never quit - your battery shouldn't either.

Energizer MAX batteries are ideal for low drain devices such as flashlights, clocks, radios, remote controls, smoke detectors and toys.

Energizer MAX batteries:
Complete line of premium alkaline primary battery products
Formulated to provide long-lasting power
Use Power Seal Technology: power is locked in, preventing unwanted loss of energy while stored or in use.

1.5v Alkaline (single use) E93 / C-size / LR14 / medium torch battery
Size: 26.0mm diameter and 50.0mm height

2 Batteries on a card
6 Cards in a box
Sold per card

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