Energizer Charger :Pro Charger (with 4 x 2000mAh AA )

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Get high performance rechargeable battery power where and when you need it, while saving money and time with innovative Energizer Recharge products. This range of chargers and rechargeable batteries offer up to 4 times the performance of an ordinary alkaline battery in digital cameras.

Energizer Chargers & Rechargeable Batteries:
Nickel Metal Hydride technology: re-use batteries 100's of times
Economical power solution for high-tech devices
Ideal for toys and games, digital cameras and audio devices

Energizer Pro Charger:
High performance charging – the perfect solution to all your power needs
Charges AA and AAA NiMH batteries in just 3 hours
Ensures a full charge - charges to 100% capacity
Helps to maximise battery performance
Three stage 'stop light' colour LED display indicates charge status
Audio alert when charging complete
Primary battery detection and reverse polarity protection
Automatic timer shut-off mechanism at 5 hours to avoid overcharging
Charge time varies
For AA: from 3 hours for 1300mAh to 5 hours for 2300mAh
For AAA: from 3 hours for 500mAh to 4 hours for 700mAh
Comes with four NiMH AA 2000mAh batteries included in pack

Sold per charger
4 Chargers in a box

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